About Contest

The Living Worlds Space Art Contest asks students to imagine what new and unusual forms of life may exist on other planets. Through this engaging contest, students will explore the exciting science of astrobiology and assume the role of scientific illustrators as they create original artworks to illustrate how alien life forms may have adapted to the unusual environments in which they live. By participating in this contest, students will learn about adaptation, the discovery of planets around other stars, and the diversity of life both on our planet and beyond. 


Even though scientist know that thousands of exoplanets exist, they can not see what the surface of these planet might look like.  Proxima b is our closest exoplanet and yet we do not know what it looks like or if it has life.  Use all your knowledge about Earth and how animals have adapted to their environments to imagine life on Proxima b.  Become scientific illustrators and use your scientific knowledge to create amazing art.  


Teachers in grades K - 5 are invited to participate in this contest by asking their students to create an original artwork along with a brief written description of the illustration. To learn more about the contest and the rules of participation, please read the full Frequently Asked Questions page.


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Congratulations to all the winners, and a sincere "Thank You" to everyone who participated!