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Creatures adapt to their environment...

  • Animal Feet: Match the animal feet to the environment in which they live. 
  • Animal Features: Learn about special animal features and how they match each creature's environment. 
  • Rock Pocket Mice: How does a mouse population change color to match its environment. 

What are exoplanets like?

What is Proxima b?

Proxima b fun facts.

What scientist know about Proxima b:

  • Proxima b has a mass that is only slightly larger that Earth.

  • A year on Proxima b takes only 11.2 Earth days.

  • Proxima b is 4.25 light years from Earth.

  • Proxima b is bombarded by radiation from its star.

What scientist think is 'possible' about Proxima b:

  • Proxima b could be small and rocky.

  • Proxima b may have liquid water on its surface.

  • Proxima b could have an atmosphere.

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