This years theme is "Life on Proxima b"


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2016 1st Place winner - Ethan from St. John Paul II Catholic Academy








Alpha Centauri is our closest neighboring star system.  Within Alpha Centauri, astronomers have recently found a new planet in the habitable zone named Proxima B.  

  • Could there be life on Proxima b?  

  • What might that life look like?  

  • What does the environment look like?  

Through this engaging contest, students in grades K-5 will explore the exciting science of astrobiology as they create original artworks to illustrate how alien lifeforms may have adapted to the unusual environments in which they live. By participating in this contest, students will learn about evolution and adaptation, the discovery of planets around other stars, and the diversity of life both on our planet and beyond.  Imagine the possibilities, have fun, and win prizes. 

The submission deadline has been extended to March 10, 2017.

  Entries can be mailed to

 iLocater Outreach Program

attn: Professor Justin Crepp

225 Nieuwland Science Hall

Notre Dame, IN 46556


Emailed to


Winners will be determined by a panel of judges and announced March 17, 2017 on this website and contacted by email.

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Living Worlds Space Art Contest



Teaching Resouces


Thanks to contributions from Notre Dame alumni and supporters, the iLocater research group is sponsoring a cross-curicular educational contest to engage grade school students in science and the search for life elsewhere in the universe.


Contact:  Amy Slozat - iLocater outreach



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