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"Improving planet-finding spectrometers"


The concept for a diffraction-limited Doppler spectrometer was recently published in Science magazine's November 14, 2014 issue. 

"Adaptive optics (AO) systems correct for optical wavefront errors introduced by Earth's turbulent atmosphere, turning initially blurry images into intense diffraction-limited concentrations of light..."

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Justin Crepp presents "Earth-like Worlds Orbiting other Suns"

Earth Like Worlds

Notre Dame physics professor Justin Crepp discusses expolanets and how to find them. There are 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Do these stars have orbiting planets? If so, are they similar to the Earth? Do they have life? In this talk, Prof. Crepp will address these questions by explaining how astrophysicists detect and study planets located outside the solar system.…

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