Crepp interviewed by Big Picture Science

Author: Ryan Ketterer

 Listen to the full interview. "Part 2 of Sesquicentennial Science, featuring Justin Crepp, professor of physics at the University of Notre Dame, describing the discovery of earth-like exoplanet Kepler 186f."

"Today, scientists are familiar to us, but they weren’t always. Even the word “scientist” is relatively modern, dating from the Victorian Era.

And it is to that era we turn as we travel to the University of Notre Dame to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its College of Science with a show recorded in front of a live audience.

Find out how the modern hunt for planets around other stars compares to our knowledge of the cosmos a century and a half ago. Also how faster computers have ushered in the realm of Big Data.

And a science historian describes us what major science frontiers were being crossed during the era of Charles Darwin and germ theory.

It’s then versus now on Sesquicentennial Science!"

Recorded at the Eck Center at the University of Notre Dame, February 4th, 2015

Originally published by Blog Picture Science.